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  • Effective patient and public involvement in all clinical, medical, nursing, health services and health related research

  • Appropriate patient and public engagement for all health care services design, developments and changes

  • Empowerment of all stakeholders towards co-design and co-production


Work Areas

  • Patient and public involvement - health research

  • Patient and public engagement - health services

  • Patient-centred services

  • Patient experience

  • Engagement and involvement research

Approach and Core Values

My approach is partnership methodological working, driven by:

  • Partnership: working in partnership with patients, public, community, other stakeholders, groups and organisations

  • Methodological approach: using a systematic and methodological approach

  • Transparency: being open about our systems, methods and work

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion: treating everyone as equal, facilitating diverse voices and including those less heard

  • Commitment: fully committing to projects and envisaging to produce best quality

  • Trust and reliability: doing what agreed and being trustworthy

  • Value: focusing on offering value for our partners and the organisations we are working with, based on our extensive experience.  

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