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Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement, Research and Training

  • Leadership and Strategy Development (patient-centred services & innovation; patient, public involvement & engagement, patient advocacy)

  • Consultancy and Optimisation (patient and public involvement in research, public engagement, patient-centred services)

  • Research, Evaluation and Impact (qualitative, quantitative, action, participatory research; online methods, engagement methods; patient stories, mobile/video ethnography, patient journey and stakeholder mapping; measuring impact of patient and public involvement and engagement)

  • Training (patient and public involvement and engagement basics, principles,  methods, funding; research methods, communication, partnership working)

  • Facilitation and Development (focus groups, workshops, events; public & community consultations; patient & stakeholder panels, citizen advice bureaus)

  • Coaching and Mentoring (patient and public involvement and engagement; research methods, communication and partnership working)

  • Co-creation, Co-design and Co-production (research, services design & development, dissemination, authorship)


London, UK

(+44) 7969 284876

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