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Publications - Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Boudioni M, McLaren S, Lister G (2018). Patient empowerment: its implementation and systems within hospitals in England and Greece. Health Services Management Research 31(4): 180-194. DOI: 10.1177/0951484817752628. (

  • Boudioni M, McLaren S, Lister G (2017). A critical analysis of national policies, systems, and structures of patient empowerment in England and Greece. Patient Preference and Adherence 11: 1657-1669. DOI: 10.2147/PPA.S144028 (

  • Boudioni M, McLaren S, Lister G (2012) Cross-national diagnostic analysis of patient empowerment in England and Greece. International Journal of Caring Sciences 5(3): 246-263.

  • Fouka G, Plakas S, Taket A, Boudioni M (2012) Health-related religious rituals of the Greek Orthodox Church : their uptake and meanings. Journal of Nursing Management 20: 1058-1068. DOI: 10.1111/jonm.12024 (

  • Belling R, McLaren S, Boudioni M, Woods L (2012) Pan-London Tuberculosis Services: A Service Evaluation. BMC Health Services Research 12: 203-218. DOI: 10.1186/1472-6963-12-203. (

  • McLaren S, Woods L, Boudioni M, Lemma F, Tavabie A (2008) Implementing a strategy to promote lifelong learning in the primary care workforce: an evaluation of leadership roles, change management approaches, interim challenges and achievements. Quality in Primary Care 16(3): 147-155(9). (

  • Boudioni M, McLaren SM, Woods LP, Lemma F (2007) Lifelong learning, its facilitators and barriers in primary care settings: a qualitative study. Primary Health Care Research and Development 8: 157-169. (      care-research-and-development/article/lifelong-learning-its-facilitators-and-barriers-in-primary-care-settings-a-qualitative-study/F4FFB9AF1EB2EBE74DFE719C1F92483C)

  • Leydon G M, Boulton M, Moynihan C, Jones A, Mossman J, Boudioni M, McPherson K (2000) Faith, hope, and charity: An in-depth interview study of cancer patients’ information needs and information-seeking behavior. Western Journal of Medicine 320 (7239): 909-913. PMCID: PMC1070966 PMID: 10903285


  • Leydon GM, Boulton M, Moynihan C, Jones A, Mossman J, Boudioni M, McPherson K (2000) Cancer patients’ information needs and information seeking behaviour: In depth interview study. British Medical Journal 320 (7239): 909-913. PMCID: PMID: 10742000 PMCID: PMC27332 (

  • Boudioni M, McPherson K, Mossman J, Boulton M, Jones AJ, King J, Wilson E, Slevin ML (1999) An analysis of first time enquirers to the CancerBACUP Information Service: Variations with cancer site, demographic status and geographic location. British Journal of Cancer 79(1); 138-145. PMCID: PMC2362157 PMID: 10408705 (


Publications - Book Chapters



Publications - Research Reports (most recent)

  • Benjamin C, Boudioni M, Ward H, Marston E, Lindenmeyer A, Bangee M, Cook Lucas J, Leavey R, Caulfield M, Fowler T, Lucassen A, Rennie F, Riley L, Parker M, Parry V, Thomas E, Patch C, Cranage A, Dinh L (2016) NHS Genomic Medicine Centres National Service Evaluation of the Consent Process and Participant Materials used in the 100,000 Genomes Project: Summary, Project Report, Background Document. Liverpool: NHS North West Coast NHS Genomic Medicine Centre. (

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